Tanker top : be careful of falls

Gangway or no gangway?


Ask yourself the right questions!
Passerelle d'accès sécurisé, Risque de chute de hauteur sur citerne, Pacquet

A study conducted collaboration with safety professionals.

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Risk of fall on tanker tops, Pacquet

Here is the story of a fall ....

Mr Paul, who had been a driver for 10 years in a company specialising in the transportation of goods in tankers, was unloading some product on a client's site. In order to vent the tanker, he climbed up the ladder at the back of the lorry.

Once on the top of the tanker ...

he knelt down to open one of the hatches, slipped and fell.


  • Fall from a height of 4 metres  2 broken wrists 3 months of sick leave

This story comes from 16 accident reports available online on the INRS website: https://www.inrs.fr/publications/bdd/epicea/recherche.html"

Falls from height represent 11% of the sick leave at the "CTN C" with more than 4 days of sick leave*. In addition to the consequences for the victim, there are also repercussions for the liability of the employer and that of the client.

* According to the 2019 statistical booklet of occupational accident-disease rates of the National Technical Committee C ("CTN C").

Safety harness and lanyard on the top of a tanker: vigilance

Working on tanker tops, be careful of risk of fall, Pacquet


Risk of fall on tanker tops, Pacquet

What about you...?


Would you agree to work under these conditions?



The right questions to ask yourself

Working on tanker tops, be careful of risk of fall, Pacquet 2


How can I provide more safety for operators and drivers when they are working in the tanker top area?

Risk of fall on tanker tops, Pacquet

What if I installed a safe access gangway at the top of the tanker?

When moving about on the gangway:

  • The fall from a height out of the gangway is avoided in the event of a loss of balance
  • No obligation to wear the harness: no regulatory checks and no training are required
  • This saves time for the operator or driver
  • The worker is not hindered by the lanyard and can work alone

Risk of fall on tanker tops, Pacquet


  • Working comfort is enhanced
  • Working time is optimised
  • Productivity is increased
  • Access to and work at the top of the tanker is totally safe


Client testimonials

Driver on tanker top, Pacquet

Maintenance manager, bulk food application

In the past, our loading system was not adjustable and there was a real risk of falling. Pacquet was able to take into account our specific requirements and incorporate their gangway into our installation. Now the drivers can safely open and close the manholes. The gangway can be adapted to every type of tanker and there are no longer any gaps in the solution".

Safety access gangway on rail tanker, Pacquet

Maintenance manager, chemical sector (coagulants)

"In the past, our unloaders had to lean over a drop to modify a work area that was not tailored to every tanker. By installing the safe access gangway, there has been a real improvement in safety and in the work space at the top of the tanker: our operators are now totally safe". 

Maintenance manager, chemical sector

"On our site, we used to unload the wagons from a narrow, slippery surface, in a squatting position, which our operators found dangerous and restrictive. Pacquet provided a long-term solution to our problem. Falls are no longer possible and the operators can work in total safety whatever the weather conditions. The solution was so popular that we installed the same gangway on another loading station".

Loading equipment, security on tanket top, Pacquet


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Press article, risk of fall from a height, loading systems, Pacquet


Operators who work on the tank dome (loading, unloading, checking, cleaning, etc.) must be perfectly secure to avoid the risk of falling. Should PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or CPE (Collective Protective Equipment) be fitted? The answer is not as simple as it seems. Interview with Samuel Pacquet, director of the company Pacquet Solutions d’Empotage, at the origin of an awareness campaign on the risks of falling from a height.

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