Maintenance of loading solutions

The loading arms and tanker access gangways are installed, commissioned and maintained by a team of authorised technicians supervised by a head of operations, who is experienced in the maintenance, repair and servicing of loading arms and systems. For all your preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance or even comprehensive services, you may contact our experts for any questions you may have or any on-site work you need to be done. Whether it is regarding the rotary joints, lubrication or the replacement of manual or pneumatic systems, we can perform the work on site on very short notice as soon as any issue arises in order to avoid any stoppage in production. Working constantly alongside our design office and operational management, our mobile teams provide a comprehensive personalised service.

Maintenance and servicing, loading solutions, tanker top fall protection equipment, Pacquet

The risk of a stoppage in operations must be taken into consideration as soon as any malfunction occurs. Each part must be closely monitored. The slightest breakdown can have major consequences for the entire production line. Pacquet Solutions d'Empotage undertakes so-called preventive, corrective or evolving on-site operations as part of a continual improvement process. For the company, the ability to respond quickly to calls to carry out on-site work, is a priority at all times. Indeed, there are teams working in the workshop as well as external teams, whose staff are authorised to conduct the work on any site regardless of the sector of activity. Superior monitoring can be provided by signing maintenance agreements, through operational and safety audits, or even regular inspections of the personnel carrying out the on-site work.

Maintenance and servicing, loading solutions, tanker top fall protection equipment, Pacquet


  • Available at all times
  • Installation, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of your loading arms, safe access gangways (folding stairs, Monte & Baisse® fall protection systems – patent filed in France) and loading systems
  • Our teams also provide on-site support and training for your operators and maintenance staff
Maintenance and servicing, loading solutions, tanker top fall protection equipment, Pacquet

Our teams are here support you

  • Regular inspections, operational audits and safety audits
  • Repairing your equipment fleet
  • Modifying, upgrading and optimising your installations
  • Drawing up maintenance agreements for providing operational equipment at any time without having to stop operations


  • Maintenance arms and loading systems: simplified preventive maintenance, reinforced preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance
  • Maintenance agreements that include the servicing of your equipment
  • Verification report of your equipment (MASE, ISO, CARSAT, etc.)
  • Assessment and auditing of your installations
  • Revamping complete installations
  • Integration of control systems for your equipment (fight against Musculoskeletal Disorders-MSDs, increased productivity and comfort in use)
  • Scalable maintenance and upgrading of fleets of loading arms, folding stairs, Monte & Baisse® fall protection systems and access systems
  • A team of qualified mobile technicians providing an instant service
  • A large stock of spare parts for providing a comprehensive response to any issue
Maintenance and servicing, loading solutions, tanker top fall protection equipment, Pacquet


  • By calling us, when the need should arise, to conduct any preventive or corrective on-site work
  • By setting up a maintenance agreement for the servicing of equipment already installed and operating on site
  • By signing a maintenance agreement when you order your equipment

Pacquet Solutions d'Empotage anticipates, performs on-site work and takes action to resolve any issues and give you peace of mind at all times