For gaining access to single-compartment tankers

The temporary safety cage retracts pneumatically once the tanker top operation is complete
Ideal for your bulk applications requiring the positioning or removal of a big bag after opening or closing the top hatch of the tanker

Strengths and specificities

  • No more space and handling restrictions: once the cage has been retracted, the space initially occupied by the deployed cage is clear
  • Other handling operations at the top of the tanker (Big Bag positioning/removal, etc.) can be done while ensuring the safety at the top hatch beforehand
  • A loading/unloading arm can also be positioned given that the space is now clear

Conditions of use

The conditions of use depend on several factors (new project, integration into an existing facility, height and type of tanker, etc.) Let's work together to decide on the folding stairs for you. Contact our technical teams and design office.


  • Hot-dip galvanised steel construction

  • Temporary aluminium safety cage

  • Standard formats of the temporary safety cage: 1500 x 1500 x 900 mm or 2800 x 1500 x 900 mm (others on request)

  • 2 to 5-step staircase

  • 800 mm usable steps - others: contact us

  • Steps in galvanised steel grating (double notched bars)

  • Gangway with a foot pedal

  • Step with foot anti-pinch system in accordance with the regulations (1st step)

  • Gate with automatic spring closure

  • Balancing using gas spring compensators as standard (others on request)

  • Add a staircase, post, platform or even one or more loading arms or fixed-reach top unloading arms: you get an access system or a tanker top loading platform (single or double) - More information from our team


  • Manufacture of the gangway with a stainless steel or painted finish on request
  • Manufacture of the temporary safety cage in stainless steel or with a painted finish on request
  • There are a number of available cage configuration options: safety cage offset to the left, offset to the right, compatible with loading arms, length adjusted according to your installation up to 6000 mm)
  • Resin grating steps
  • Pneumatic assistance (aid for raising/lowering the folding stairs)
  • Automatic pedal option
  • Integration of false steps, depending on your installation (single or double, positive or negative, false step)
  • Specific paint finish
  • Atex archiving

Please specify the ATEX zoning if applicable - CE marking for pneumatic or electrical equipment, or equipment used in ATEX zones - Configuration without temporary safety cage also available

Will the folding stairs be used for loading and unloading liquid or gaseous fluids? Do you already have a loading or unloading arm installed on your site? Bear in mind that any existing loading arms may not be compatible with the safe access gangway to be installed. Pacquet develops and designs all-inclusive loading systems with arms and tanker top access gangways. Contact our teams.


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