09/2017 - Focus on loading arm, Journal des Fluides #81

Pacquet Solutions d'Empotage offers a wide range of loading and unloading arms for all types of liquid or gaseous fluids to meet the needs of industrial sectors such as chemicals, petrochemicals, food processing, dairy, construction and engineering. For all loading and unloading operations on road or rail tanks, dome or source type, single or double deflection, for new projects or integration on existing installations, Pacquet offers customized solutions for the customer's process. A wide range of options is available for further adaptation: pneumatic assistance pack, for increased comfort of use in the fight against Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD), level control pack, vapour collection pack and heating by electrical tracing or by double tracing jackets design for any action requiring it. The packing and unpacking arms can be adapted to Pacquet standard access and loading systems