PACQUET SOLUTIONS D’EMPOTAGE has managed to develop a strong corporate culture over time. In our constant search for excellence, we chose to extend the expertise we had in mechanical engineering to suit other purposes. The same savoir-faire is now efficiently used to provide our customers with dedicated solutions in terms of fluid transfer operations and in the supply of safety equipment ensuring a more secure environment for professionals who have to access the top of tank containers. We worked closely with industry professionals to design and develop specific solutions in full compliance with the market’s requirements and the current environmental standards and safety regulations. You can rely on us to put all our expertise, tools and expert professionals at your disposal in your project completion.


As part of its safety and quality programme, PACQUET INDUSTRIE got MASE* certified.

PACQUET SOLUTIONS D’EMPOTAGE is now officially dedicated to improving corporate efficiency in terms of safety, health and environment within the group on an on-going basis. *MASE stands for Company Safety Improvement Manual.



Working on ongoing improvement of all ethical, sustainable and environmental practices, PACQUET SOLUTIONS D’EMPOTAGE has recently been given complete rating and scorecard by ECOVADIS, the on-line CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) rating programme. The results are satisfactory. PSE is now fully recognized as a company involved in CSR policies by ECOVADIS. Both clients and prospects are thus assured to benefit from all favorable and necessary conditions to establish reliable and long-term business partnerships.


Unique solutions to your fluid transfer operations (loading/unloading processes).

Whether you need top or bottom loading applications :

Whatever the means of transport you favour: road, rail, river and marine; Whatever the tank container your have to deal with: mono-compartment and multi-compartment tankers, small rigid tankers, Jumbo, Iso containers (please note the list provided is not exhaustive) PACQUET SOLUTIONS D’EMPOTAGE will assist and advise you on how to make your loading stations more efficient in full awareness of the environmental requirements and the safety issues you have to care about.

solutions adaptées pour vos transferts de fluides

Technical and innovative solutions built to latest safety standards.

Site managers have to operate with many types of tank containers on an everyday basis and we are fully aware that providing the very suited solution is often made really difficult. PACQUET SOLUTIONS D’EMPOTAGE has developed unique gangways for efficient and safe fluid transfer operations.

Passerelle à abattant

High-precision services and availability.

Over years, we have managed to make the most of the relation we have built with both our customers and professionals on site. Such closeness allowed PACQUET SOLUTIONS D’EMPOTAGE to carry out industrial projects and develop dedicated equipment that closely fit the market’s requirements. PACQUET SOLUTIONS D’EMPOTAGE offers expert advice and supports you in carrying out your new projects. But we also handle follow-up and maintenance operations of the devices we supply. Please note we also offer maintenance solutions for the loading stations and gangways you purchased from our competitors. Expertise, experience and savoir-faire in project and equipment management for long-term reliability. This is what our philosophy is all about.