Demonstration & Training Centre

PACQUET SOLUTIONS D’EMPOTAGE recently erected, locally in Hondschoote, their dedicated life-size Demonstration & Training Centre.

The Demonstration & Training Centre makes a wide range of equipment available to the public including:

·         Loading arms with regards to fluid transfer handlings

·         Safety access staircases and patented Monte & Baisse® –  “éco” and “évo”  version  with regards to the supply of equipment providing safe access to and fall protection on the top of tank containers

Monte & Baissé éco® (the cost-saving solution)
Monte & Baisse évo® (the enhanced solution)

See Products for further information.

PSE Expert knowledge and high-level technicity is now made accessible so as to meet the need for training and support in real life situations.

Pôle Formation Extérieur

What the Demonstration & Training Centre includes

Pole formation Pro Bitume

1 loading station – PRO BITUME® range composed of a 3” loading arm  43R Model and two safety access staircases including a PA415M folding staircase; i.e. a manually-actuated 800 mm wide three-step staircase and corresponding 1500 x 1500 x 900 mm safety cage and a PA428M folding staircase; i.e. a pneumatically-operated 800 mm wide four-step staircase and corresponding 2800 x 1500 x 900 mm safety cage.

1 loading station suitable for second-range depot use – domestic use fuel supply depot.

1 safety access station – Monte &Baisse évo® simple design type composed of access platform with staircase, corresponding 12 m long safety cage and third axis optional equipment allowing safety cage translation.

Pole formation Monte & Baisse Eco
Démonstrations sur site & Formation de personnels

1 safety access station – Monte &Baisse éco® double design type composed of access platform and staircase and corresponding 12 m and 6 m long safety cages.

The demonstrations we offer

  • Easy-to-use equipment
  • User-friendly products
  • Product handling ability and fight against work-related Musculo-Skeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • Product reliability when it comes to securing operators on tanker domes
  • High-quality finish & production

Staff training

  • How to use the equipment PSE designs and produces
  • Raising awareness to industrial risks including risks of fall
  • Product follow-up & maintenance