Monte & Baisse ®


The support structure

PACQUET SOLUTIONS D’EMPOTAGE has it all ready for you. As the Monte & Baisse® fully operates on its own, it thus closely fits your existing facilities without submitting them to extra mechanical loads. This way, no need to hire an external company to know whether your equipment can endure the weight and setting up of additional equipment. When choosing the Monte & Baisse®, extra costs will then be spared. Our patented device is designed from our standard calculations: once delivered, the Monte & Baisse® is ready for setting up. It is the time-saving and cost-efficient reliable solution.

Up and down motions

When designing the Monde & Baisse® it was our aim to offer a solution that improves safety while optimizing productivity. Its next generation motion system is based on the production of up and down motions and allows efficient motion around a vertical axis. In their standard version,  the folding stairs available on the market go down following the principle of an arc of a circle. When choosing a Monte & Baisse®, you can be sure it will allow the tank container to come right under the safety cage. It is thus made suitable for almost all types of tank containers.


Inclination processes

As the cylinders are all independent in their functioning, inclination of the cage from the left to the right is now made possible. The safety cage thus caps the entire length of the tank vehicle whatever its inclination. These zones are therefore made safer to access especially when it comes to deal with inclined vehicles. Please note this equipment developed and provided by PACQUET SOLUTIONS D’EMPOTAGE is patented in France and abroad. We are then the sole providers of this next generation equipment.


Translation operations

The Monte & Baisse® now comes in a « Multi-axis » upgraded version. It means you can now benefit from almost infinite positioning possibilities. The 3rd axis it includes allows to produce forward and backward translation motions of the safety arch transversally considering the support structure. It proves to be useful if the lorry driver fails to stop right under the safety arch on their first attempt. You will thus be given the chance to position the lorry quite approximately without caring about the rest. The Monte & Baisse® “Multi-axis” upgraded version will handle that all for you.


Control box

So easy to use you won’t believe it. Finding a basic solution often turns out to be complicated. Our R&D Department took up the challenge and here is the result they came up with. All manoeuvres are activated from a control box that is very easy to use. You will find it on the platform to make manoeuvre easier when positioning the safety cage. Here is how PACQUET SOLUTIONS D’EMPOTAGE managed to optimize access equipment while ensuring better and safer working conditions.

Pupitre de commande MTB_web

Safety cage

In its design, the safety cage meets EU standards for full compliance with the current regulations. It can vary in length up to 12 meters. Risks of fall will then be prevented as the area covered on the top of tankers will be optimized. People who have to access the top of tankers will then work in safer conditions for the greatest pleasure of their executive managers. Here is what we have in store for you.

Monte & baisse + citerne_web

Safety doors

The safety door is connected to the pneumatic cylinder. As soon as the door opens, moving the safety arch is no longer made possible. No operator on the working zone will be able to move it up if another professional is involved in manoeuvre processes on the top of a tank container. Optimum safety is thus ensured on the working zone throughout all operations on tank containers.

Sliding gates

Many different tank containers are available on the market and the Monte & Baisse can almost suit them all.

The sliding gates are ingenious in their design as they enable to adjust the path accessible to your professionals through sliding motions all along the safety cage. This means optimum safety as the tank container is secured all along. You just need to push the safety cage backward to make the secured zone wider.

Portillon 01_mini_web
poste acces simple

Single access station

poste acces double

Double access station

poste chargement simple

Single loading station

poste chargement double

Double loading station